0.10.3 - master


This version is not yet released and is under active development.


  • Set a windows title, so that Bitmask windows can be programmatically manipulated.


  • #9094: Implement a simple systray icon.
  • Ship gpg1 binary with osx builds.
  • #9099: properly check for openvpn binary path in bundles.
  • #9064: keep content-type when it is set in message headers.
  • Ship cacert.pem inside
  • Avoid importing linux-specific constants in firewall helpers.
  • Build packages for artful too.


  • #9073: fix bootstrapping of providers like riseup.
  • Use the right path for firewall in debian packages.

0.10.0 - la rosa de foc

  • Initial cli port of the legacy vpn code
  • #8112: Check validity of key signature
  • #8755: Add account based keymanagement API
  • #8770: Simplify mail status in the cli
  • #8769: Eliminate active user from bonafide
  • #8771: Add json print to the cli
  • #8765: Require a global authentication token for the api
  • #8819: Send key to provider if a new priv key is putted in the keyring
  • #8821: Add a ‘fetch’ flag to key export
  • #8049: Restart the VPN automatically
  • #8852: Stop the vpn (and all services) when application is shut down
  • #8804: Automatic selection of gateways, based on user timezone
  • #8855: Manual override for the vpn gateway selection
  • #8835: On bitmaskclt vpn start use the last vpn if no provider is provided
  • #9059: Automatic renewal of vpn certificate
  • #8895: Check for running pkexec in the system
  • #8977: Download config files if newer ones are found in the provider
  • Add VPN API to bitmask.js
  • Add vpn get_cert command
  • Indicate a successful/failure OpenPGP header import
  • Get more detailed status report for email
  • VPN and Mail status displayed in the UI
  • Port Pixelated UA integration from legacy bitmask
  • Add Pixelated Button to the UI
  • Add ability to ssh into the bitmask daemon for debug
  • Add a call to inject messages into a mailbox using the cli.
  • New bitmask_chromium gui: launches Bitmask UI as a standalone chromium app if chromium is installed in your system
  • Add new debianization split, with separated bitmask components.
  • #9029: add a package for the bitmask javascript UI.
  • #8783: use username instead of provider in the vpn calls
  • #8868: can’t upload generated key with bitmask
  • #8832: don’t allow putting non-private keys for the keyring address
  • #8901: use gpg1 binary if present
  • #8971: handle 502 replies from nicknym
  • #8957: alot doesn’t automatically decrypt messages sent from Bitmask
  • Repeat decryption if signed with attached key
  • Log error in case JSON parsing fails for decrypted doc
  • Remove usage of soledad offline flag.
  • Tests use soledad master instead of develop
  • Build bundles with pixelated libraries

0.9.4 - works for you

  • #7550: Add ability to use invite codes during signup
  • #7965: Add basic keymanagement to the cli.
  • #8265: Add a REST API and bitmask.js library for it.
  • #8400: Add manual provider registration.
  • #8435: Write service tokens to a file for email clients to read.
  • #8486: Fetch smtp cert automatically if missing.
  • #8487: Add change password command.
  • #8488: Add list users to bonafide.
  • Use mail_auth token in the core instead of imap/smtp tokens.
  • #8498: In case of wrong url don’t leave files in the config folder.