Installation and packaging

Users: go to the Bitmask Install guide

Translators: improved/new translations welcome!

Running latest code

Refer to the setting up the development environment section to learn how to run Bitmask from the latest code in the master branch.

Building new bundles

The standalone bundles are built with PyInstaller.

If you are inside a development virtualenv, you should be able to install it together with some extra development dependencies with:

pip install -r pkg/requirements-dev.pip

And then just do:

make bundle

To build a new bundle.

There’s also a script that automates re-creating the virtualenv from which the packaging takes place:


To ensure a repeatable system-wide environment, you can build those bundles from within a docker container. First you need to create the container:

make docker_container

and then you can launch the above script inside that container:

make bundle_in_docker

A new bundle is created by the CI for every commit using this procedure involving docker, you can read more about the bundles in the qa section.


Not officially supported, but DoctorJellyFace maintains a PKGBUILD that can be found in the AUR repo.