Bitmask: your internet encryption toolkit

Release v0.10. (Installation and Known Issues)

What is Bitmask?

Bitmask is the client for the services offered by the LEAP Platform. The services currently deployed are Encrypted Internet Proxy (VPN) and Encrypted Mail.

Bitmask offers a command-line interface and a multiplatform desktop client. It can be also used as a set of libraries to communicate with the different services from third party applications.

Bitmask is written in python using Twisted and licensed under the GPL3. The Graphical User Interface is written in html+js and uses PyQt5 for serving the application.

Understood! Show me the docs!

These documents that you are reading are, mostly, a guide for developers that want to contribute to the development of Bitmask, and seek to understand better the code organization and the contribution process.

The authoritative users guide lives at

Other important documents about the LEAP Project can be found at the Official LEAP documentation site. If you ever need an offline copy, you can clone the repo for the LEAP Docs site. That repo contains also the related LEAP Platform documentation and all the latest design documents. Enhancement contributions and new translations are always welcome! Just open a new merge request.

On the contrary, this developers documentation you are reading right now is maintained in the bitmask-dev git repo itself, and can also be checked online.

Building the docs

if you want to build these docs locally, you can do:

make doc

from the topmost folder in the bitmask-dev repo. Note that you need to have sphinx installed.