List of contributors

The following people have contributed in the history of Bitmask.

All the Code is Copyright 2012-2016 LEAP Encryption Access Project

  • drebs drebs at leap dot se
  • Ruben Pollan meskio at sindominio dot net
  • elijah elijah at riseup dot net
  • Tomás Touceda chiiph at leap dot se
  • Ivan Alejandro ivanalejandro0 at gmail dot com
  • Kali Kaneko kali at leap dot se
  • Micah Anderson micah at riseup dot net
  • kwadronaut kwadronaut at leap dot se
  • Bruno Wagner Goncalves bwagner at thoughtworks dot com
  • Victor Shyba victor.shyba at gmail dot com
  • Duda Dornelles ddornell at thoughtworks dot com
  • Folker Bernitt fbernitt at thoughtworks dot com
  • Parménides GV parmegv at sdf dot org
  • Caio Carrara caiocarrara at gmail dot com
  • Giovane Liberato giovaneliberato at gmail dot com
  • Thais Siqueira thais dot siqueira at gmail dot com
  • NavaL ayoyo at thoughtworks dot com
  • Denis Costa deniscostadsc at gmail dot com
  • Zara Gebru zgebru at thoughtworks dot com
  • Tulio Casagrande tcasagra at thoughtworks dot com
  • Sriram Viswanathan sriramv at thoughtworks dot com
  • irregulator irregulator at riseup dot net
  • Paixu Aabuizia PaixuAabuizia at users dot noreply at github dot com
  • Christoph Kluenter ckluente at thoughtworks dot com
  • Simon Fondrie-Teitler simonft at riseup dot net
  • Neissi Lima neissi.lima at gmail dot com
  • k clair kclair at riseup dot net
  • antialias antialias at leap dot se
  • Jaromil jaromil at dyne dot org

Updating the authors file

From the root of the bitmask-dev repo:


However, beware that some of the codebase from the legacy bitmask_client repo has not been preserved with the original authorship. Do not remove people here just because you don’t see the commits they made :)