Known Issues


  • If there’s no running polkit agent in the system, the UI hangs in the ‘Connecting’ State. (solution: install and run some agent, like lxpolkit).
  • Some problems with resuming after hibernation (more debug info is welcome).


  • In the wizard log in / sign up page, the username field gets deselected.
  • The list of providers should have icons, be sortable, filterable.
  • The wizard should look more pretty.

Main window

  • UI doesn’t subscribe to events yet, won’t get updated if user has logged out via the command line interface.
  • Removing an account does not actually clean up all the files associated with that account (need backend code).
  • #8840: No ability to recover if the key generation fails.

Pixelated Integration

The integration of the Pixelated webmail is a bit rough at the moment.

Particularly, simultaneous use of Pixelated and Thunderbird is likely to hit some usability issues:

  • #8905: pixelated: if a message is open in Thunderbird, the unread count is not updated
  • #8906: pixelated: can’t see messages that were sent with Thunderbird
  • Pixelated MUA is not authenticated.